Drive by postings

June 26th, 2012

Been a while yet again. Sites picked up 19 comments from god knows where. Based on content, I’ve no idea how they ended up here. However, they each have faked up Facebook profile pointers.

Sample: “Hello, I’m an official in Poland and I would like to get an email when the new iusses of The Zebra come out. Can you please put me on the list? Thanks.”

On other fronts, Gawker has screwed the pooch with Powwow. As a fun place for comments and conversation, it has been steeply devalued by it’s owner/operator.

Aside from making it nearly impossible to skim over the comments, I’ve twice by hit by auto-dismissal, a condition where each comment gets immediately dismissed and all but vanishes from the system. When this condition occurs, it even affects preceding comments retroactively. Major suckage. Even worse, it’s value as an archive has dropped to near zero.

Time flying, fun having

April 16th, 2012

More or less. The Brietbart block might have been because of a funny photo edit I did that turns out to have disappeared without warning from twitpic. And now thinking about it, the original, as such, vaporized when the hard drive crashed.

Been extra lax the last few weeks. I’ll blame it on my arm which it seems I hurt while napping in my chair about three weeks ago. Apparently I was hunched up on my elbows such that I think it pinched a nerve.

Not acute as pain goes, but ongoing. I’ve started sleeping on my back so it can better rest, and that seems to help. The usual positions were aggravating it.

Pending comment: Hello, I’m an official in Poland and I would like to get an email.

Since last time…

March 8th, 2012

Breitbart died. You’d think a man with a heart condition would know better than to be that angry that often. Continued positive growth on Twitter, Klout and Disqus. Gawker seems to have put the brakes on their dive to the bottom.

Site got some attention from one or more robots in the form of a dozen replies scattered from 2012/03/03 at 4:16 pm to 2012/03/04 at 3:33 pm, just under twenty-four hours. Curious content. “Emily I am in the green group right?” and “I liked studying you and will definitely return to their office to get more.”

Dithering on what to do. The form ask for name, email, and a url. All the urls point to facebook, but email addresses from all over, including

How they found the place is a curious question. Search indexing is turned off, which only means something if the indexer honors it. I should check when was the last time I used the #nearlyrandom tag.

Monthly Returns

February 18th, 2012

Or month, he returns. Problem is I don’t have a clear idea of direction on this things. Getting a thing to boot doesn’t dictate what you do with it. Or, if you’re focused on the engine, you tend not to think about navigation? Excuses, excuses. All is vanity. And that’s what makes the idea fun. Oops.

So there’s the Twitter tamagotchi thing. Sagged a bit after the Breitbart blocking (and there’s a new alternate theory for that, by the by), but had a moment of giddy resurgence with a response/MT and retweet from William Gibson and his wife. Giving some competition to the moment having found John Dvorak on the follower list.

Gawker interest is sagging. It’s gone from curious village, to mall, to strip mall? Convenience store where the florescents hum, occasionally flickering, and there’s something sticky on the floor?

Plan9 continues to languish. I’ve been told that a phone app variation on the idea has come out. It’s still a viable idea with several ways to license out the core arrangement, but I feel hampered by a lack of connections and resources.

more to come…

I think I’d rather collect the various tidbits I write here and there, than try to come back here and re-type them. Which means tying in Tumbler or some such probably. As long as it doesn’t require a browserside client.

It was the day of the SOPA strike…

January 18th, 2012

Everyone has copyrighted material. In the US, every thought or expression has copyright from the moment it’s recorded in any medium until 95 years after the death of the artist/content creator, which is a bit ridiculous but does cut down on the amount of Micky Mouse porn running loose in the world.

The MPAA and RIAA, content distribution collectives, driving forces behind these efforts, have the same attitude toward the Internet as buggy makers had toward the internal combustion engine. They don’t understand it and it scares the hell out of them. They would be far more comfortable if they could casually disappear any website they found particularly scary by removing the DNS entry for the domain hosting the alleged infringing content.

Not to suggest that movie and music makers shouldn’t be paid for their work, but some multi-billion dollar corporations are under the crazy notion that every piece of shared content means a lost sale. That’s the assumption that drives their loss estimates, their “damages”. This is the lie they’ve been telling their shareholders. All we have to do to let them prove themselves wrong is take down the Internet and replace it with Cable TV over IP.

A good chunk of the software industry, who ought to know better, is quietly in favor of SOPA and PIPA, confident of their ability to not become targets of this giant enforcement gun, blinded by illusory lost sales.

What greases this slippery slope is Everything is Copyrighted. For a tangential but valid example, just ask the Church of Scientology.

posted at Gawker

January 15th, 2012

Anticipating some HD juggling, did a bit of cleanup.

Title and Year Last Ran
Asada Story 2008
Conquer 2.0 2006
dbpoweramp music converter 2004
Eschalon Book 1 v1.942
Fable the Lost Chapters 2007
Fiction Fixers – Adventures in Wonderland 2011
Fiction Fixers – The Curse of Oz 2011
FlorensiaEU 2010
Free Realms
HeroOnline 2010
Jungo 2010
Lego Indiana Jones 2011
Loki 2010
Narbacular Drop version 1.4 2006
Ocular Ink 2006
On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkeness, Episode One 2008
On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkeness, Episode Two 2008
Republic Heroes (Star Wars Clone Wars) 2010
Sam and Max – Season One – Same and Max Episode 104 – Abe Lincoln Must Die! 2008
Tetris Worlds 2006
The Immortals of Terra 2010
World of Kaneva Phase 1 2007
World of Kaneva v4.0 2010
xfire (flyff component) 2008

About 100 GB.

December 15th, 2011

So anyhoo, initial test runs seem to be positive. For the last two years or so I’ve been watching a set of stats. Started with Gawker’s stars and hearts system. I’m a fan I guess. It’s an interesting place to catch the news, though the real hook was the commetariat and the commenting system.

It’s three tiered. At the top are the starred, at the other end are the pink, and a wide area in the middle for the approved. The key difference between these levels is visibility. A starred comment is immediately visible to all. If you’re merely approved then your comment is in a limbo until it’s either promoted by or replied to by someone with a star or the reader asks the page to show all. Pink comments can only be seen by those with stars. If any starred commenter approves a pink comment, that person joins the approved, or goes up a level depending on your metaphor.

Making the jump from approved to starred required being noticed and promoted by one of the staff. Frequency of commenting is an important variable, but getting noticed is one thing and getting promoted in another. Gawker tends to insist on certain basics of typing and values wit and clever expressiveness. Got mine for an off hand remark that connected Steve Jobs to Oscar Wilde by way of the App of Dorian Gray. It was a proud moment.

And then I started accumulating hearts. Warm, ego nurturing hearts. And then the Gawker redesign threw a big wrench in the experiment, breaking the hearts and stars system for months. Nearly a year later, the parts work but the system is still broken.

Next chapter: Disqus

Scarely a fortnight later…

October 15th, 2011

Various odds and ends. Klout contrives with Twitter to goose my ego:

Then I get blocked by Andrew Breitbart. Don’t know exactly what tipped that scale. I had to deduce that it had happened to explain the peculiar way Twitter was acting when I viewed AB’s timeline. Looked normal, but the show context button would only display the reply, not the msg-replied-to. Other peoples’ message streams were still behaving as expected, so what was different about AB’s?

Then, under the heading of trying something different, I looked at AB’s Twitter page in IE. Hmm. Worked as expected. Until I logged in, then acting broken again. Tried hitting his follow button and suspicion was confirmed, I’d been blocked. Sads. Mostly because I didn’t know which, now several days old, message he’d objected to.

I usually try to balance nose tweaking, or delivering other unwanted news, with humor and insight. It usually makes folks more willing to listen, a bit happier for the experience. Judging by the number of retweets I’d gotten off AB, I think that strategy was at least somewhat successful. I don’t think Twitter is so thorough as to block references to blocked users in the replies or retweets of others, so there’s plenty of room for the hook shot. Meaning the net effect of the blockage, to me, is Twitter becomes a tiny bit more cumbersome to use relative to AB’s page therein.


September 29th, 2011

I’d probably feel better about the previous display of pride if I’d looked at it more often. Just another project with production problems. However, day job projects are getting better and more interesting, so at least this round of neglect comes from a good place. Part of that should be a bloggy method of documenting the process that should start, like, tomorrow. On a baby share point server. However, it’ll be good practice and probably save me some trouble down the road. Excitement and trepidation.

Different Milestone: 500 tweets

August 21st, 2011

This was 500: That dichotomy was disingenuous. From ignorance, or just fan service for your market? Your argument is a meaningless soundbite.

Not too sure what kind of algorithm Twitter uses for similarlity though.

Twitter's opinion, not mine.