Reflexions Campaign Media Advisory

Red carpet variety show entitled “RefleXions Night” hosted by Mose Persico, the closing night ceremony for the Campaign against Image Discrimination in Society.  

During this special evening, honorary awards will also be given to individuals who have marked or helped eradicate image discrimination in society such as the Minister of Culture, communications and the feminine condition Mrs. Christine St-Pierre and Hollywood actor Verne Troyer.

The evening will host artistic performances by:

International collaborators and supporters of our Campaign include:

We invite you to celebrate a new beginning filled with hope, entertainment and of course, reflexion.

Just Imagine Movie

We welcome the involvement of other media in telling our story. We welcome your donations, through the link below, in support of our work.

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We must not allow anybody to make us feel that we are born to live in poverty and deprivation, we must make it clear: we are going to live in dignity and honor.
-- Martin Luther King
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