Reflexions 2010 Round Up

Bill Freeman at Reflexion 2010

Bill Freeman at Reflexion 2010Photograph by Victoria De Martigny


The Red Carpet Closing Ceremony for Canada's RefleXions Image Discrimination Campaign concluded on May 5th 2010 at the world-renowned Imperial Theater in Montreal, Canada. It was the privilege of the American Disability Association, through its President, to appear at the event and relate our shared experience. RefleXions began because Sean Marckos, a filmmaker in a wheelchair, was not permitted to access the Red Carpet at the French Cannes Film Festival, apparently because the Festival thought wheelchairs were not glamorous in keeping with the status of their Red Carpet, and the celebrity it represented. The American Disability Association participated in a survey of Latin American disability, access and poverty aided by Ecuadorian Filmmaker H. Patricio Burbano V. When the American Disability Association asked the State Department for assistance and asked it to accommodate the disabled filmmaker, our President, Dr. William J. Freeman, who has cerebral palsy, was not allowed to return to his vehicle in the handicapped parking at the U.S. Embassy Quito. The U.S. State Department, to present, has disallowed our filmmaker entry into the United States. Certainly we are hopeful that by involving the community of filmmakers with disabilities in our continuing efforts to complete our documentary, Disability in the Americas, we can better serve people with disabilities across the Americas. We are actively working to begin our own image discrimination campaign for use in the other nations of the Americas and invite your help in this effort: making people aware of image discrimination and how it takes away from everyone's humanity.

We welcome the involvement of other media in telling our story. We welcome your donations, through the link below, in support of our work.

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We must not allow anybody to make us feel that we are born to live in poverty and deprivation, we must make it clear: we are going to live in dignity and honor.
-- Martin Luther King
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