How to Contact Us


Our organization prefers you contact us exclusively by email. Please click here to email us.

Postal Delivery

You may write to us at the following address:

Member Services
815 First Avenue
Suite 280
Seattle, Washington 98104

While we cannot immediately respond to your letter inquiries, you may send us letters and rest assured that they are received and read. If you expect or need a response, it is faster, easier and more convenient to make your request via email.


Most people calling our organization have a simple question regarding employment, education, architectural barriers, grants and financial assistance, international programs, our annual congress, commendation requests or consultation. We try to help where we can, but we are increasingly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of these requests. We ask that you please send an email before calling. If you simply must reach us by telephone, our phone number is (205) 328-9090.

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We must not allow anybody to make us feel that we are born to live in poverty and deprivation, we must make it clear: we are going to live in dignity and honor.
-- Martin Luther King
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